Hello and welcome to AGM-Parts.com!! 2018! Our customers wanting to keep up with the changing AGM market. Yes, we can install NEW M1026B PM kits! M1026-60180

We Support and sell:
Datex Gas Modules
Philips M1019A (G5)
GE SAM Modules
Mindray AG Module 6800-30-504111

Agm-Parts.com specializes in providing parts, service, sales and replacements for Hewlett-Packard and Philips Anesthetic Gas Monitors from Philips, GE/Datex, Mindray

We still support both M1026A and M1026B. We also Support the latest Gas Modlues like M1019A(G5), E-sCAIO.

We have started a great M1026B/M1026A Upgrade program. We will take your Defective M1026A/M1026B and exchange it for a refurbished M1019A. Contact us for pricing and availability.

We have the parts you need to support your AGM beyond the manufacturers end of support date. You can send your AGM into us or buy the parts at deep discounts from Philips. We are experienced experts in AGM repair and AGM upgrades.

We have new and refurbished parts, as well as refurbished AGMs, M1026As and M1026Bs. We repair both the M1026A and the M1026B.

Check out our parts section.

AGM Support Staff