Parts below is a partial list. We have everthing for AGMs, even if it is not listed here. Just email or call us and we willl get the part for you. All parts have a 6 month warranty. Philips provides a 90 day warranty. Our prices are the lowest around with the BEST quality and available inventory. Have a quote from a another supplier? Give us a call, we will be glad to give you our price.


M1026A-our most sought after parts. ALL parts EXCHANGE, except PM kits and pumps.

M1026-69108 IR bench, tested, call for availability
M1026-69510 5 Agent ID, refurb,
M1026-69210, 3 Agent ID Extended, tested,
M1026-69109, 3 Agent ID Standard, tested,
M1026-69503, main PCB/motherboard, tested,
M1026-60330, Pump,
M1026-60138, O2 Sensor, tested
M1026-60117, Inlet/Outlet port,
M1026A, A05,C02 Entire unit, EXCHANGE,
M1026A Purchase Call

M1026B-our most sought after parts. ALL parts EXCHANGE, except PM kits

M1026-60180 PM Kit,with sales or installations
M1026-60192 Pneumatic Assembly, refurbed,
M1026-60194 O2 Sensor, tested,
M1026-69558 Entire unit, EXCHANGE,
M1026-69558 REPAIR, send it in for bench repair,
M1026B purchase Call


6871000-08-PATO O2 cell, PATO O2 cell
M1019A-M1026B G5, Caled, "refurbished", 6 month warr for M1026B